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Feature: It is now easier to find and open objects using the U-Bar.

The behavior of the U-Bar has been changed to provide suggestions in a drop-down list as you type, instead of having to retrieve and browse through long lists of objects. Suggestions are offered in order of relevance, depending on what you are entering (an object type, object name, or other part of a URL).

Wildcards (* and ?) and Uniface profile characters (Gold+*, Gold+?) are supported.

It is also possible to restrict your search to specific component types using component alias codes instead of cpt. For example cptfrm for forms, cptdsp for dynamic server pages, cptsvc for services, and so on.

By default, 50 items are returned, but you can configure the maximum number of results using the IDE logical UBAR_RESULTS_MAXHITS.

For more information, see Find and open objects using the Main U-Bar, U-Bar Syntax, and General IDE Logicals.

Issue 31903: During migration, Form components with ambiguous layout definitions are rejected.

In Uniface 9 (and earlier versions), the Form Editor allows you to create components with ambiguous definitions, in which two entities, ENT1 and ENT2, are drawn in such a way that ENT2 is logically inside ENT1, while in the component's structure, entity ENT2 occurs before entity ENT1.

In Uniface 10, such a component is rejected during migration

For more information, see Error: Formpic conversion to Struct has detected an error .

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